Thursday, November 11, 2010

Great Business Opportunity With Vonumental Wireless

The leader of the cellular phone communication industry is Vonumental Wireless that is also the first to switch from contract bill plans to prepaid wireless plans. To its reference, Vonumental Wireless has comfortably kept off all the legal issues that almost all wireless communication companies are faced with when shifting bill plans to prepaid.

Vonumental has two goals - to render every individual with cellular services at sensible rates and to let distributors to make gain through business with them. Having this aim in mind, the company has set up its prepaid programs in September 2010 that will allow its clients to avail of mobile phone services for a flat monthly fee rather than staying stuck with a one or two-year contract plans.

Vonumental has managed to succeed by a wide margin thanks to the fact that it has utilised network marketing distributors to promote itself effectively. This becomes apparent when you get to know the strategies they have utilised to draw in distributors. The prepaid packages rendered by it have an opening price of $29.95. Its distributors also have been extended with internet and Dish TV network services in addition to the phone services as a bonus. To further entice distributors, the company has also established an auction website named as Vmarkable. Vmarkable will work similar to eBay in letting clients to sell items online. Hence, the prepaid package is also an internet, TV and online auction service all rolled into one!

Distributors can join Vonumental by paying just $99.95 at the beginning and thereafter pay $39.95 as a monthly fee to hold the connection active. To aid their distributors get a profit financially, the company has also announced a payment of $1 in return for presenting one new client into their family. Such a marketing strategy that is known as the 3x9 forced matrix plan is beneficial both to the company as well as its distributors.

With its 3x9 forced matrix plan proving to be an an efficient business-promoting tool, Vonumental has turned a leader as a network marketing company extending enough of business opportunities to distributors. Thus, network marketing distributors stand to avail of a double benefit by working with this company namely, a prepaid wireless connection and a business opportunity that can assist them to make good profits.